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Stress and relaxation services of america

Services provided by Dr. Michelle Di Paolo, PhD, LPC, NCC

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I've been a patient of Michelle's since 2018 and have noticed major improvement in my emotional health than ever before. I have been able to get off a majority of my medication and lower the dosage of the ones I'm still on. She is easy to talk to and gives amazing advice.


Came in with depression and anxiety. Michelle listened and offered advice. She never pushed, let me go at my own pace, and provided excellent insight.


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Michelle has been a joy to work with over the last several years and has led me down a path to self realization

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Michelle is an incredibly understanding, logical, and empathetic therapist. She helps to lay things out in a way that feels clear and is full of useful insight without being overwhelming. I never leave a session feeling like I don’t know how to take a step, even a small step, in whatever my real-world situation is.

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