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Neuropsychological evaluation

Testing services provided by Stress and Relaxation Services of America, PLLC aim to provide a more comprehensive and accurate diagnostic evaluation than other providers offer. 

How We compare to other providers

Stress and Relaxation Services of America

Other Providers

Evaluator is a certified ADHD clinical services provider, having received specialized training in recognizing the symptoms of the disorder

This may come as a surprise, but many providers, even psychiatrists, have minimal education and training in recognizing ADHD symptoms. You run the risk of an inaccurate diagnosis unless you have a provider with advanced training

Adequate Evaluation Time. Your evaluation may include anywhere from 3-6 hours of testing and at least 1 hour of interviewing

Easy Scheduling. You will never have to worry about interoffice miscommunication as Stress and Relaxation Services of America is a sole proprietor business. You will be communicating with one person, start to finish

Other providers must limit their evaluation time based on what health insurance will reimburse them for. This often leads to inadequate testing time and inaccurate diagnostics

Large offices often require interacting with a multitude of office staff and can result in miscommunication, lost paperwork, and lead to delays in scheduling

Quick turn around time. Most clients are scheduled for testing within 3 weeks of calling in. Your test results are usually ready within 30 days

Many doctor's offices are booked up. It is not uncommon to wait 2-4 months for an appointment. After that, it can take anywhere from 30 days to 90 days to receive your evaluation results due to chronically overwhelmed and understaffed offices

Focused on adult symptoms. Adult symptoms look different than they do in children. Your provider is specialized in recognizing ADHD and other disorders as they occur in adult populations

Many providers main focus is the evaluation of children. This means the majority of their training and experience is in recognizing symptoms and traits in young children. Evaluating adults requires a different knowledge base 

Comprehensive. Clients receive a complete, well-rounded, and long-validated battery of neuropsychological tests, following the "Gold Standard" Models of evaluation in the industry. Not only will you receive information on an ADHD diagnosis, you will also learn so much more about your other skillset strengths and weaknesses across domains of personality traits, psychological health, working memory, language and math abilities, perceptual reasoning, processing speed, verbal learning versus spatial learning, and so much more. You will not get any of this information without a full neuropsychological evaluation.

The majority of providers are at the mercy of only administering tests that your health insurance approved and will pay for. This means you may only be given one or two neuropsychological tests or in some cases, not given these tests at all. Some providers will simply administer a single computerized test, or some only have you complete a simple, self-report survey of symptoms. Some providers will somehow provide a diagnosis based on a 5 minute oral interview. Although these methods are common, they are truly inadequate in developing a comprehensive, specific, and accurate picture of the underlying issues. 

Flat rates, broken down into two installments. Services are cash-pay only. This means you will know exactly what you will owe ahead of time. Since we do not contract with insurance companies, you may actually pay significantly less. No pre-authorizations. No health insurance needed. No more inaccurate estimates or surprise bills. HSA/FSA cards are still eligible for payment, and receipts for out-of-network claims if you have those benefits and would like to try to receive some reimbursement yourself. 

Even with health insurance, clients are required to pay their deductible first as well as a percentage of the evaluation services before health insurance will pay. Even worse, many health insurance companies will not reimburse for ADHD or other neuropsych testing at all. Furthermore, you may be required to pay your provider the cost out-of-pocket for what your insurance company failed to pay. All in all, you are very likely to pay significantly more using your health insurance, or (receive surprise billing) than you will pay as a cash pay client.

Report. You will receive an extensive report of your results. Many prescribers like PCPs or psychiatrists require a neuropsychological evaluation and report before they will prescribe ADHD medication. Now you will have one that you will be able to take with you across your lifetime to any of your health care providers who request one. 

You will not receive a report from some providers as they do not complete any testing and therefore, there is nothing to report. This means that changing providers, be it PCP, psychiatrist, therapists, etc., may require you to go through a whole new evaluation protocol each time you change doctors. 

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